Kitchen Islands and Russian Bots

Apologies to anyone who has tried to access my website over the last few weeks only to be greeted by the message “this website has been temporarily disabled”. Apparently a “bot” of Russian origin uploaded some malware by exploiting a weakness in part of the site (which has now been fixed). It proved a time consuming and frustrating process for someone with my level of IT expertise to get things up and running again – thanks to the help desk at for their patience!

Meanwhile, I have made a large (3.2 m x 1.2 m) kitchen island that has been installed but is awaiting an enormous slab of granite for its top so I haven’t taken any photo’s yet (the picture I have posted here is a simple Kerkythea photo render) The island has open shelves in oak veneers at one end and a matching thick end panel at the other. There are seven drawers in total (one is internal) and most use the  Gras touch release mechanism which I think works very nicely – you can push the drawer front at any point and the opening travel is substantial. The elevation shown in the picture features four drawers and three doors (sink cupboard, integral dishwasher and pull out bin) with the doors machined to resemble drawer fronts.

Island Final